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The links below are useful for musicians everywhere - use them! If you find something worth including here, please tell me about it!

Local music teachers and resources

There are many wonderful music teachers in Grant County! Some of them do not want their information online, so if you would like a list of teachers, please email me with your name, the instrument(s) you are interested in, and which city you live in or near for a complete list.

Music theory a magnificent resource which includes lessons and customizable exercises for ear training, note reading, and key signatures. Free.
G Major Music Theory: A series of workbook chapters and accompanying flash-card style games and listening selections for everything from note and rhythm recognition through advanced aural skills and music analysis. Fundamentals are available for free, but some advanced materials require a paid membership.

Music history

Coming soon!

Exploring music

This Music Exploratorium is fascinating fun! Explore instrument origins, mix rhythms and musical memes, and more!

Free sheet music

The Petrucci Library has thousands of public domain works available for free pdf download and some recordings also available for free. If the piece you're looking for is pre-1930, it's probably on here for free!
I Can Play It! These simplified LDS primary songs originally appeared in the Friend magazine.
Frontiernet's Simplified Primary Music is yet another resource for simplified LDS primary songs.
Smurthwaite Song is my favorite resource for simplified LDS music. They keep all of their songs in the same key as the original, which I think is wonderful! Links to their collections are at the bottom of the page.

Sheet music sellers

Sheet Music Plus has an amazing selection of music at reasonable prices, including a low budget shipping option.

Just For Flutists

Alexa Still Orchestral Excerpts is an invaluable resource if you are beginning your study of orchestral excerpts or thinking of auditioning for an orchestra. Be sure to watch her introduction for some great tips!
Flute Radio: 24 hour streaming of flute recordings by professionals! Incredible resource!
Jennifer Cluff's page and blog: A wealth of information for flutists from a seasoned teacher. Check out her articles, fingering charts, and more!
Flute World is one of the oldest and most respected flute internet stores. Hard-to-find music, high-quality instruments with reasonable trial periods, and excellent customer service are the earmarks of Fluteworld.
The Greater Portland Flute Society hosts an annual flute fair and provides many services to members. Feel free to look up teachers, browse their library, and ask members questions - they are all very helpful and kind!

Just For Pianists

Piano Safari Reminder Videos: if you've forgotten how to play a song from your lesson, go here for a refresher! Choose the book you're in to see a list of video reminders.