Studio of Rebecca Bogardus

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Description of services

Recordings for students

Private lessons:

My studio offers lessons for flute, piano, and guitar for either a half hour, forty-five minutes, or one hour weekly. Novice students are encouraged to start with a half-hour weekly lesson. All private students are expected to practice at least five days a week and have a well-maintained and appropriate quality instrument. Private lessons include access to my music library and at least one recital per year. If finances are difficult for you, I encourage you to join my studio as a MusicLink student. MusicLink students receive lessons on scholarship. I also offer a pay-as-you-go option if you are unable to commit to weekly lessons.
I teach beginning-level lessons for almost any instrument, but my specialties are flute, piano, and guitar. Please contact me to learn more.

Feel free to look through my studio policies and tuition rates!

Group lessons:

I offer special rates for group and partner lessons. Please ask! Group lessons could include beginning piano, small ensemble, family percussion, music and movement, or practically anything you can imagine! If you are interested in group lessons please contact me and let me know what you are interested in.

Instrument Maintenance and Repair

Piano Tunings are available for $90. Please schedule your tunings well in advance as our tuner's schedule is very full. Please contact us to set up your appointment.
Flute repairs are charged at $25/hr. Clarinet and saxophone repairs are charged at $20/hr. Some repairs are not possible with the equipment in our shop. Please contact us to discuss your repair.

Youth Arts Program:

I am proud to be a teacher in the Youth Arts Program, which is dedicated to provide quality arts education in Grant County. YAP is designed to help as many students as possible. It provides classes and ensemble experiences for ages four and up. Please visit our YAP website for more information about our ensembles and summer camp.


I have been teaching music in individual and group settings since 1998. I have directed two flute choirs, several vocal choirs, taught beginning band at three different schools, and run summer music programs.
My principal instrument is flute, which I studied at Brigham Young University for two years, where I performed as soloist with the BYU flute choir. I have studied mainly classical flute, especially the French Romantics, and am currently developing extended techniques used in contemporary composition. My piano background includes working as an accompanist and in jazz band, though I also love the classical piano repertoire. I am also well versed in percussion (mostly keyboard percussion). I continue to practice as much as my schedule permits and am constantly seeking out professional development opportunities to enhance my knowledge and abilities. In the past few years I have worked on improving my guitar and violin skills.
I also love arranging music and hope to have more time for this pursuit in the future.


As a teacher, I aim to instill an abiding love of music and equip students to enjoy and create music throughout their life. I am committed to promoting music in my community, which is why I run free programs, keep my rates low, and have become a MusicLink Teacher.I accept students of all ages, but will not accept students unless they are interested in studying music. I strongly discourage formal private lessons before age six unless the student shows significant interest. Goals should be created by the teacher with input from the student and (if applicable) the student's parent. My students should expect to learn basic music theory, note reading, aural skills, improvisation, music history, practice skills, and familiarity with their instrument's standard repertoire. Students must practice daily; prolonged lack of practice may result in expulsion from the studio. Whenever possible, I encourage parents to attend lessons as silent observers and to help their student practice. I encourage frequent performances.